About Us

Built on the big island. Loved everywhere.


Big Island local Jerry Iwankiw divides his days between surf sessions and a construction job building homes on his native Hawai’i. As the high-impact grind began to take a toll on his body, Jerry started looking for pain relief that didn’t require prescription pharmaceuticals. He tried it all, but nothing really worked.

Good thing for us, Jerry’s mom taught him about essential oils growing up, so he knew there had to be a way. After countless attempts, he came up with a mixture of arnica, ginger, camphor crystals, ylang ylang, kukui nut oil, and other organic ingredients. It relieved pain from sports injuries, hard workouts, and long days on the job. Jerry handed out jars to friends for years, and after enough people told him, “Wow, this stuff’s awesome. You should sell this!” the message finally sank in. It melts away pain, it’s all-natural, and it actually works. It’s just an AWESOME BALM™.

Sustainable Packaging

While riding across the southern coast of the Big Island in 2004, AWESOME BALM™ inventor Jerry Iwankiw hit a section of beach covered in so much plastic it stalled out his dirt bike. “That really opened my eyes,” he said, “the plastic problem is huge, and it was right there.” So when he decided to bring AWESOME BALM™ to everyone, his number one requirement was simple: No Plastic.

“I wanted to build a company that sells an awesome product, but that’s worthless if you’re hurting the environment. I didn’t want to do that.” That’s why AWESOME BALM™ comes in 100% PLASTIC-FREE packaging – from the outer box to the cardboard push-up tube. No single-use plastic anywhere, so you can heal your body and the planet at the same time.


Ingredients Commitment

The best things in life are natural. Clean, natural, fresh, new. The fewer artificial products you put in your body, the better things work out. That’s why our AWESOME BALM™ is handcrafted with impressively high quality, amazingly effective natural ingredients. Whether it’s the pain-fighting power of kukui nut oil, the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric and arnica essential oils, the muscle-soothing nourishment of beeswax and coconut oil, or a custom heat-building blend of menthol, camphor, ginger, and cayenne, we’re committed to using world-class ingredients from the very best sources.

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